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Skills in demand

There are certain professions in our region in which experienced, skilled personnel are in great demand. The many manufacturing companies here are at the forefront of technological development and are always looking for qualified personnel. The public sector is facing major natural wastage due to retirements, and these positions must be filled.

Jobs within business sector

The following industrial skills are in particular demand:

  • Welders, edge press operators, toolmakers and CNC operators
  • Engineers in all sectors (especially Electrical Power)
  • Painters and skilled employees for the woodworking industry
  • Designers with experience from the plastics, rubber or metal industries
  • IT-developers
  • Craftsmen
  • Experienced sales persons
  • Sheet-metal workers in building and construction

For further information about employment within industry, contact Jaana Fransson at the temporary work agency, EPAB.

Foto: motiv från Stolab Smålandsstenar

Jobs within public sector

In the next few years Gislaved municipality will take on an estimated 300 employees. These positions are within a number of different fields. For example:

  • Nurses     
  • Teachers      
  • Engineers; construction and technology     
  • Preschool teachers     
  • Part-time firemen      
  • Surveyors, construction engineers

For further information about employment within Gislaved municipality, contact HR consultant, Gudbrand Brun Bækken.


Region Jönköpings län

Region Jönköpings län is responsible for health care, public transport, and culture in Jönköping county which Gislaved municipality is part of. They are in need of:

  • Specialists in health care
  • Dentists


Jaana Fransson
MD for EPABexternal link, opens in new window, staffing and recruitment
Phone +46 (0)73-417 44 02

Nadja Persson
Junicexternal link, opens in new window, staffing and recruitment
Phone +46 (0)371-830 50

Gudbrand Brun Bækken
HR consultant
Phone +46 (0)371-810 21

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