Business for sale

In our region there are available businesses to buy or to make arrangement to lease. Keep an eye on the links on this site, more examples are turning up as soon as we get information from our inhabitants that provide us with hints. 

If you have any specific kind of business in mind, would like to get in touch with an industry organization or local trade association, or if you have any other business questions, please contact Leif Österlind. He is Director Trade & Industry at our local business association Enter Gislaved AB.

If you want to take your business with you and need to rent office space, there is an opportunity to rent offices in a business hotel on a daily, weekly, monthly or longer basis.

Our local estate agents have listings of rural farms where you can run your business close to home. If you are interested in forestry, there are forest estates available. 


Leif Österlind
Director Trade & Industry

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