There is a great deal to discover in Gislaved municipality. We are surrounded by glorious, diverse countryside that makes a number of leisure activities and outdoor pursuits possible throughout the year. Our 388 lakes and beautiful green spaces provide many opportunities for bathing, birdwatching, relaxing promenades or fishing.

Sports, culture and experiences

We offer a wide range of cultural and recreational amenities for inhabitants and visitors. Sports and culture have put our municipality on the map. This includes the Nordic region's biggest motor racing track, Anderstorp Raceway, and a rich music life that has its roots in an active municipal music school.

The Nissan River runs from north to south through the municipality. In olden times the Nissan was used for timber floating, as a transportation route and a source of power. These days, the Nissan provides opportunities for active outdoor pastimes such as canoeing, hiking along great trails and fishing. 


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